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Access to Education and Support for Children and Young People with Medical Needs

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This guidance aims to provide advice to schools and Local Authorities on meeting the educational needs of children and young people with medical needs.

Medical conditions can have a lasting effect on children and young people’s social development, ability and confidence in educational attainment. It is important to ensure seamless support services are available to meet their needs and allow them continuity in accessing educational opportunities at school, at home, in hospital, or another setting and in cooperation with parents and the school the child normally attends.

The Welsh Assembly Government is committed to promoting equal access to education for all children and young people. We recognise the important part that health, education and social care play in their well being.

The Children and Young People: Rights to Action and the National Service Framework for Children and Young People and Maternity Services (NSF) has been cross-referenced throughout this guidance. This is to ensure that its standards are achieved and ensuring our commitment to supporting of children and young people with medical needs is fulfilled.