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Making languages count

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This document represents the second stage in The Learning Country programme that began in 2001.
The International Education Strategic Framework is designed to reinforce and progress the above aspirations and plans. It does so by proposing four strategic themes.
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This document sets out action to be taken to improve the learning and teaching of modern foreign languages in secondary schools and Learning Pathways 14-19 in Wales.

Making languages count sets out the action to be taken to improve the learning and teaching of modern foreign languages. Pupils’ experience of learning a foreign language in the first three years of secondary education is crucial.

The action identified will promote innovation and further improvement, so that the first three years of language learning in secondary schools are challenging. It will encourage young people to continue learning a foreign language beyond the age of 14. The Plan also sets out action to increase the opportunities for 14-19 year olds to study a foreign language as one element of their Learning Pathway.

The Plan is therefore directed to practitioners in 11-19 learning settings, including schools, colleges and local authorities. It sets out how, in partnership with CILT Cymru, the National Centre for Languages, we will work  to develop and promote the learning of modern foreign languages.