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The funding guide for learners

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If you normally live in Wales you may be eligible for student financial support provided by Student Finance Wales, regardless of where in the UK you will be studying.
Further education normally refers to post-16 study. There is funding available to help you make the most of further education opportunities.
Find out how the Jobs Growth Wales programme will create 4,000 jobs a year for job ready young people throughout Wales.
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A guide that outlines the various sources of funding that are available to help support your learning.

There is a range of funding available to you should you want to progress with:

  • studying in Further Education
  • studying in Higher Education
  • preparing for work
  • returning to work
  • learning in the workplace
  • learning in the community.

There is often extra support available for learners who have a disability or for people who have caring responsibilities.

Note: This is a general guide and is by no means a definitive list of the sources of funding available. It is only accurate at the time of press. For further details please contact the relevant organisation contained in this publication.