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Higher Education – Tuition Fee Plans

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In March 2011, we issued guidance to the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) on the approval and enforcement of higher education institutions' tuition fee plans. The guidance clarifies our expectations of HEFCW in fulfilling this role.

From September 2012, providers of higher education may only charge fees above £4,000 if they have a fee plan which has been approved by HEFCW.

Tuition fee plans provide important information on how institutions are working to promote fair access to higher education for people from all backgrounds. The plans must set out an institution's objectives relating to the promotion of equality of opportunity and the promotion of higher education.

HEFCW is the body which is responsible for approving and enforcing fee plans in Wales. It must provide an annual report to Welsh Ministers on how it has performed this role. HEFCW is also responsible for identifying and disseminating best practice amongst institutions in relation to activities described in fee plans.

HEFCW is responsible for issuing its own guidance to the higher education sector on its expectations in relation to the scope and content of fee plans. You can access this via HEFCW's website (external linK)