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The Childcare Strategy for Wales - Childcare is for Children

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The Assembly Government`s Childcare Action Plan published in 2002 set out the perspective that children should be at the heart of childcare policy in Wales.

In 2004 the Assembly Government formed a new Childcare Working Group, chaired by the then Deputy Minister for Economic Development and Transport, Brian Gibbons, in order to build on the implementation of the principles of the Childcare Action Plan. The Group provided a substantial report with 77 recommendations. This Strategy document is the Assembly Government’s response to that report.

This document sets out in more detail how the Assembly Government will tackle the challenges in the coming years so that our children have the flying start in life they deserve. It follows the structure of the Childcare Working Group’s report, and addresses the recommendations within its content.

Erratum Notice

Page 31 Annexe A: Summary of Actions - the timing date of the second action should read "March 2006" instead of "March 2005".