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WAGC 013/2008 - Guidance to Local Authorities – Childcare Act 2006

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The Childcare Act 2006 expands and clarifies in legislation the vital role Local Authorities play as strategic leaders in the provision ofchildcare locally.

The Childcare Act reinforces the framework within which Local Authorities already work – in partnership with the private, voluntary, independent, community and maintained sector – to shape and secure children’s services, and focuses in particular on the provision of:

  • sufficient, sustainable and flexible childcare that is responsive to parents’ needs
  • information, advice and assistance to parents, prospective parents and those with parental responsibility or care of a child, relating to childcare.
The Childcare Act 2006 (Local Authority Assessment) (Wales) Regulations 2008 have been revoked and replaced with The Childcare Act 2006 (Local Authority Assessment) (Wales) Regulations 2013 (external link).