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Learning Pathways 14-19 Guidance

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The Welsh Assembly Government is committed to transforming 14-19 provision in Wales. We want:

'95 per cent of young people by the age of 25 to be ready for high skilled employment or higher education by 2015'

Learning Pathways consist of a blend of six key elements which, in combination, will ensure that, over time, all learners receive the appropriate balance of learning experiences that best meet their needs. The key elements also enable learners to receive the support and guidance they need to realise their potential. The six key elements are:

  • individual Learning Pathways to meet the needs of each learner;
  • wider choice and flexibility of programmes and ways of learning;
  • a Learning Core which runs from 14 through to 19 wherever young people are learning;
  • Learning Coach support;
  • access to personal support; and
  • impartial careers advice and guidance.

Learning Pathways 14-19 will encourage more young people to achieve their potential so they are increasingly better equipped for the world of work and to become better informed and more active citizens. It will do this by contributing to an improvement in qualifications, supporting an improvement in the proportion of 16 year olds progressing to further learning in education and training, widening choice, promoting equality of opportunity and supporting the achievement of ‘Extending Entitlement’.