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What skills will I need?

play learn grow - Working in Early Years, Childcare and Play

What skills will I need?

Skills First and foremost you need natural ability with children, boundless energy, initiative, communication skills, creative flair and imagination. With these qualities as a basis, you can add training that will take you to the level you need.

Make your job more fulfilling

You don’t always need qualifications to work with children, but they do give you more job and career options. There are plenty of opportunities to get training which leads to recognised qualifications, so don’t be put off and do look at your options.

There are now courses designed to let you learn at your own pace. You can train part-time, full-time, at home, at college or even while you work.

And whether you are planning to get a full time job, work a few hours a week, or set up on your own, you’ll go further and enjoy the job even more if you are properly trained.

To look at your training options, contact your local Children’s Information Service (details on the Useful contacts page) or contact learndirect 0800 100 900 or search on Learning Choices

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