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Registered childminder

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Registered childminder

career routesWhat’s the job all about?

Being a registered childminder gives you the chance to work in your own home caring for other people's children. This means you’ll get to know the children you care for really well and play an important part in their life. You’ll be helping children develop with lots of activities, having fun with them as they play and sharing their successes as they grow.

On a typical day you might take the children on the school run; visit the park on the way home; paint pictures with the toddlers while the baby is napping; enjoy an after-school snack and read a story while waiting for the children’s parents.

What are the opportunities for you?

Job satisfaction is something that you can’t put a price on. You will have the pleasure of bringing up children in your own home whilst also bringing in a full-time wage. Many childminders are also parents/carers of young children themselves and look after other children at the same time. There is lots of support and advice available to get you started and you may be eligible for some funding to help set up your business.

What qualifications will you need?

All new childminders must undertake training to register. You must achieve the Introduction to Childcare Practice (home-based) course, which is tailored to childcarers who care for children in a family home, rather than a centre, such as nursery. You will also need to gain, and maintain, a first-aid certificate which covers first-aid for children and young babies, as well as completing a food hygiene course.

Once you’ve started work as a childminder, you may get the chance to do more training; from one-off sessions on topics such as messy play to formal qualifications such as the Diploma in Home-based Childcare. If you would like to care for children under the age of eight you will need to register with the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales and show how you meet national standards for childminding.

You can also join the National Childminding Association (NCMA), childminding’s professional association. You’ll get regular updates on important childminding issues to keep you informed, as well as money off NCMA’s paperwork, such as contracts and attendance registers, which can help the business side of your new career run smoothly.

For more information on how to become a registered childminder or on the qualifications listed please contact the National Childminding Association on 0845 880 0044

Career routes:

 Day nurseries
 Pre-school playgroups and Cylchoedd Meithrin
 Registered childminder
 Out of school clubs
 Classroom assistant

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