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Pre-school playgroups and Cylchoedd Meithrin

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Pre-school playgroups and Cylchoedd Meithrin

career routesWhat’s the job all about?

Playgroups and Cylchoedd Meithrin sessions cater for children aged 2–5, generally for 2–3 hours a day. Cylchoedd Meithrin provide children with the chance to learn and develop from quality play experiences through the medium of Welsh. Both playgroups and Cylchoedd Meithrin can be run privately or by a committee of local parents/carers and they often meet in local communities, schools or purpose built nurseries.

They recognise that children learn through play and active involvement, so your role as a playgroup assistant is to help the playgroup leader deliver a varied programme of creative and imaginative activities that enhance the learning potential of every child.

What are the opportunities for you?

As a playgroup assistant or Cylch Meithrin you will have opportunities to develop caring, communication and creative skills with the children. You could also become a playgroup or Cylch Meithrin leader, with responsibility for supervising and supporting the staff and volunteers. As a leader you would liaise with parents, who are encouraged to get actively involved and highly valued for the contribution they make.

What qualifications will you need?

In each playgroup or Cylch Meithrin, at least half the assistants need to be qualified to NVQ Level 2, so having suitable qualifications is an obvious advantage. If you wish to work towards being a Playgroup or Cylchoedd Meithrin leader then you will need a Level 3 qualification in early years, or higher. You will also need to have had at least two years childcare experience and be qualified in First Aid. Cylch Meithrin leaders also need to be fluent in Welsh.

For more information on working in a pre-school or playgroup or on the qualifications listed please contact the Wales Pre-School Playgroups Association on 01686 624 573 or Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin on 01970 639 639

Career routes:

 Day nurseries
 Pre-school playgroups and Cylchoedd Meithrin
 Registered childminder
 Out of school clubs
 Classroom assistant

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