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What could I do?

play learn grow - Working in Early Years, Childcare and Play

What could I do?

Career routes There are many different career routes. The number of people in Wales who work in helping young children to learn through play is set to rise dramatically. New Welsh Assembly Government initiatives mean that an extra 2,300 new jobs will be on offer by 2008.

This site describes the options for working with children from birth up to the age of 10, and sometimes up to the age of 14.

Choosing the right career depends on what you want out of your job. Do you want to work full-time or part-time? Do you want to work with younger or older children? Are you happy to work in a supporting role – or do you want to gain skills that will help you get a management role with more responsibility?

To help you decide, we have divided the career routes into six areas. Click on the ones that interest you for an in-depth look at the roles and responsibilities.

  • Day nurseries – working in a day nursery helping to organise activities and caring for the children’s personal needs during meal times and rest periods.
  • Pre-school playgroups and Cylchoedd Meithrin – helping to run playgroup sessions for children aged between 2–5. Cylchoedd Meithrin gives children the chance to play and learn through the medium of Welsh.
  • Registered childminder – look after children in your own home as a childminder.
  • Out of school clubs – Help with an after school club, breakfast club or holiday club, caring for children aged 3–14.
  • Classroom assistant – support teachers with their everyday work in a nursery school, infant school or primary school.
  • Playwork – become a playworker and help to set up play projects that give children the freedom to play and learn outdoors.

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