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Individual Learning Pathway

Every young person will have their own unique Individual Learning Pathway which will lead to approved qualifications. Their pathway will be tailored to their needs, interests and aspirations.

Their Learning Pathway will be captured in a Individual Learning Pathway Plan which is a living document  that can be updated very simply either online or offline. By completing the Learning Pathway Plan young people develop a whole picture of themselves, their achievements, their goals and aspirations. It also allows individuals  to identify and record sources of help, advice and useful information that can be called upon.

Think of it as a personal record of achievement, which captures successes,  qualifications and strengths, and  plots the goals and aspirations of the young person.

The Learning Pathway Plan records areas that individuals need to improve on to reach their learning goals. In essence they plot their learning journey, identifying  targets and researching learning opportunities along the way.

Every part of the Learning Pathway Plan is linked together which  will help in terms of CV writing or filling in application forms.