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Learning Pathways 14 to 19

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Learning Pathways 14 to 19 is the distinct approach being taken in Wales to transform the way in which young people are educated.

The approach focuses on the needs of individual learners and their learning experience formal, non-formal and in-formal education and the development of skills which will help them to achieve their potential.

The learning pathways framework consists of six key elements. Some are unique to Wales and fall into two distinct categories: Learner provision and learner support.

The three elements of learner provision are:

  • individual learning pathway: – to meet the needs of each individual, including formal, non-formal and informal strands
  • wider choice and flexibility of courses – leading to qualifications from a local curriculum
  • wider learning from the learning Core – including skills, knowledge, attitudes values and experiences that all 14 to 19 year olds will need whatever their pathway.

Learner support are:

  • access to learning coach – support for learning to be available at greater intensity for those in greatest need
  • access to personal support – to help overcome personal barriers to learning
  • impartial careers advice and guidance.

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