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Quality Improvement

As part of our overall quality strategy, we are putting in place a structured approach to improving quality and raising standards across the post-16 sector. This includes looking at how we can use funding, advice and guidance, and the dissemination of good practice to support improvement initiatives, both within individual providers and across the sector as a whole.

The Investing in Quality Programme

Our Investing in Quality programme supports post-16 providers to improve quality.  Some of the projects providers have been involved in during the life of the programme include:

  • self-assessment support and guidance;
  • Quality Improvement Fund in 2005/06 and 2007/08;
  • post-inspection support for grades 4 and 5;
  • peer assessor support;
  • Performance Improvement Advisers; and
  • benchmarking.  

This support will continue as an integral part of the Quality and Effectiveness Framework, but there will be more emphasis on partnership working and on innovative activities that will increase effectiveness such as benchmarking, active involvement of learners, peer review and action research projects.

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