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Foundation Phase profile

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Support for the assessment of children’s learning and development during the Foundation Phase.

The Foundation Phase profile (FPP) supports summative assessments at statutory points and provides a nationally consistent method for scoring the Foundation Phase outcomes and progress data. This will be used to support the statutory baseline assessment during reception year from September 2015.

It will assess children’s abilities and development in 4 areas of learning:

  • personal and social development, well-being and cultural diversity
  • language, literacy and communication skills (to be revised in September 2015 to incorporate the literacy component of the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework [LNF])
  • mathematical development (to be revised in September 2015 to incorporate the numeracy component of the LNF)
  • physical development.

The assessment will be in the form of observations and formative assessments. 

As a key part of the Welsh Government’s Early Years Development and Assessment Framework, the FPP has been designed to line up with assessments carried out by health professionals. In this way it supports early identification of possible developmental delay, special education needs or additional learning needs and informs the provision of additional support for children who need it.

The Foundation Phase outcomes detailed in the FPP reflect the skills expressed in the revised areas of learning (including the LNF) for language, literacy and communication skills and mathematical development (statutory from September 2015) and those for personal and social development, well-being and cultural diversity, and physical development (published in 2008).

Please note: the Full Profile Form was revised in August 2016, due to some corrections made to area of learning score boundaries within the Full Profile of the FPP, and further clarification of use of the ‘D’ Outcome. These changes resolve an anomaly that has recently come to light within the calculations used to derive these score boundaries. No changes have been made to the Compact Profile as it is not affected by this issue. In turn, baseline assessments are not affected.

Animated explainer

To accompany the Foundation Phase profile a short video has been produced to provide an overview.