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Resources and support for Welsh-medium and bilingual education

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How we are working towards a bilingual Wales.

If you are concerned that you cannot help your child with homework or do not understand what your child is learning at school, support and resources are available.

There are also a number of organisations that provide opportunities for your children to use the language outside of the school gates.


The Urdd is a Welsh language youth organisation that provides a programme of activities for children and young people to socialise in Welsh.

Welsh for Adults

If you are not a Welsh-speaking parent but would like to learn Welsh alongside your child, there are a number of Welsh for Adults courses available across Wales.

Menter Iaith

A Menter Iaith, or language initiative, is a local organisation which offers support to communities to increase and develop their use of the Welsh language. A Menter will offer advice and assistance to individuals, organisations and businesses, and will organise activities to raise the profile of the Welsh language. Activities for children and young people can include:

  • baby/toddler swimming classes
  • soft play and baby/toddler gym
  • sporting clubs, such as gymnastics, swimming and football, and
  • drama and dance clubs.


S4C provides a variety of programmes for all ages in the Welsh language including Cyw and Stwnsh.


The innovative new service @TifiaCyw, encourages non-Welsh speaking parents to learn the language whilst enjoying Cyw programmes with their children.


Twf offers support and advice on raising your children bilingually.

Y Termiadur Addysg

The Termiadur Addysg is an online tool which provides standardised terminology for education sector. You can also use the Termiadur to help you understand your child’s homework.

Welsh Books Council

The Welsh Books Council actively promotes reading and literacy in Wales. It also publishes bilingual books for children - providing the perfect stepping stone to learning Welsh.

Gwales is an online Welsh-medium books retailer- allowing you to buy all kinds of Welsh language books in the comfort of your own home.