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Forward in Partnership for Children and Young People with Additional Needs: Consultation events 25 and 27 September and 11 October, 2012

Due to the huge amount of demand for the two events on 25 and 27 September we have arranged an additional consultation event on Thursday 11 October.

Date of Event: 11/10/2012

These events are an opportunity for practitioners and stakeholders to meet and discuss proposals to reform the legislative framework for special educational needs (SEN).

We are consulting on proposals for reform of the legislative framework for SEN. The proposals are supported by both the Minister for Education and Skills and the Minister for Health and Social Services.

We are proposing to replace the statutory framework for the assessment and planning of provision for children and young people with SEN with a simpler more person centred and integrated system that will beneficial to all.

In addition to the traditional way to respond to the consultation, there will be an opportunity for practitioners and stakeholders to explore the multi agency approach proposed and the actual tools/process being developed.

Who will benefit from the event ?

This will be of particular value to those professionals, practitioners and stakeholders who work with children and young people who have special educational needs.


  • Venue Cymru Llandudno
    25 September 2012
    10:00 to 16:00
  • All Nations Centre, Cardiff
    27 September 2012
    10:00 to 16:00
  • SWALEC Stadium, Cardiff (New)
    11 October 2012
    9:30 to 16:00

If you are unable to attend one of these events we would still welcome your views. Please respond to the consultation by 19th October 2012.