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Educational visits guidance

Educational visits offer an invaluable opportunity to enrich young peoples’ learning, raise their self-esteem, increase their motivation and appetite for learning, and improve their health and wellbeing.

There is a growing body of evidence that outdoor learning plays an important and enduring role in raising levels of achievement in other aspects of education and life.  Wales has an outstanding natural environment and a vibrant, unique culture that creates many opportunities for inspirational outdoor learning.  The Welsh Government recognises the contribution of teachers, youth workers and other professionals across wales who carry out this important work.

Employers and employees who organise educational visits and outdoor learning have a duty under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and other health and safety legislation to ensure sensible risk management procedures are in place for the planning and organisation of these activities.  The Outdoor Education Advisers Panel National Guidance (OEAPNG) for educational visits sets out a framework and good practice guidelines by which employers and employees can demonstrate that they fulfil these requirements.  

The OEAPNG is a web-based resource that is kept up to date with changes in legislation and good practice by a working group of OEAP experts.  The working group draw on the collective knowledge and experience of practitioners from the field of outdoor learning from across Wales and England.  The OEAPNG follows the principles of proportionate and sensible risk management by helping employers to simplify their systems and reduce red tape.The OEAPNG website is recognised as the relevant source of guidance for the management of educational visits and outdoor learning.  While it is intended primarily for use by local authorities, it will also provide a useful resource for others involved in organising educational visits and outdoor learning.

Organisers of school trips wishing to use this resource should note that the OEAP and its national guidance website are external to the Welsh Government and the resources contained within the website are available in English only.