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Council for Economic Renewal meeting held on Thursday 20 October 2016

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Papers from the nineteenth Council for Economic Renewal meeting 20 October 2016.

This meeting took place at the Welsh Government Offices, Cathays Park, Cardiff.


1. Introductions and Opening Remarks

2. Welsh Government Budget

3. EU Transition

4. Future engagement 

  • a) Scoping paper on approach to future advisory structures - Welsh Government paper 
  • b) Economic delivery and social partnership structures - Wales TUC paper
  • c) Commerce Cymru paper

5. Programme for Government


  • a) Notes from meeting held on 1 February 2016
  • b) Notes from meeting held on 25 July 2016
  • c) Action Grid

7. Any other Business

8. Close

Paper for Information

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Post Brexit Rural Welsh Impact

Website: (external link)

Document Download

PDF Document (MFS)
Agenda (File size: 12.6KB)
PDF Document (MFS)
Agenda Item 2 (File size: 130KB)
PDF Document (MFS)
Agenda Item 4a (File size: 87.8KB)
PDF Document (MFS)
Agenda Item 4b (File size: 372KB)
PDF Document (MFS)
Agenda Item 4c (File size: 293KB)
PDF Document (MFS)
Agenda Item 5 (File size: 85.4KB)
PDF Document (MFS)
Agenda Item 6a (File size: 174KB)
PDF Document (MFS)
Agenda Item 6b (File size: 174KB)
PDF Document (MFS)
Agenda Item 6c (File size: 74.1KB)