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The Welsh economy

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The purpose of this release is to provide an easily accessible, broad, high level picture of the economic outcomes in Wales.
£25m of European funding has been approved to support the continuation of our Jobs Growth Wales programme.
Statistics & Research provides access to the underlying evidence for our decisions and helps government and the wider community to work more effectively.
Image shows a person at a desk viewing clocks of time zones and pie charts and data
We want to support the growth of our economy, to strengthen Welsh businesses and to increase jobs.

Strong, innovative and competitive businesses are essential for the economy of Wales.

We are a pro-business government, working closely with companies to create growth and jobs in every part of Wales.

Our aims are:

  • to achieve balanced and sustainable growth
  • attract inward investment
  • increase employment.

'Economic Renewal: a new direction' is our vision for the Welsh economy.

Through our Council for Economic Renewal we consult with businesses and engage the ideas, views and experience of businesses, trade unions and others on key issues facing the economy.