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Digital Wales

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We are working in partnership with BT on the 'Superfast Cymru' programme to develop a nationwide superfast broadband infrastructure.
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Digital Wales is our agenda for making Wales a truly digital nation

We're committed to a smarter, better connected society and economy. Through Digital Wales we will deliver digital skills for everyone, improved online public services, faster infrastructure and enhanced mobile coverage. We are also looking for answers to questions such as:

  • How can we ensure that everyone in Wales can enjoy the benefits of digital technology?
  • How can our businesses use digital technologies to innovate and grow?
  • How can we use digital technology to deliver better, faster and more efficient public services?

Delivering a Digital Wales

Delivering a Digital Wales is our framework for putting our Digital Wales agenda into action. It details our strategy, aims and vision. The framework is split into five objectives:

  1. Inclusivity: We want Wales to be a more inclusive, sustainable and prosperous society. Making sure everyone can enjoy the benefits of technology is a key part of that.
  2. Skills: Information and communication technology (ICT) skills will be part of all our children’s education, and we will use technology to improve teaching methods and learning.  Beyond schools, we will ensure that everyone in Wales can acquire the basic skills and confidence to get online and use digital technologies. We will also help train people in more specialist skills for industry.
  3. Economy: We want to drive economic growth. We will support Welsh companies to network with research departments to create and commercialise new digital technologies. We will help more Welsh companies to exploit these developments to innovate, grow and access new markets, especially in the creative industries, ICT and tourism sectors.
  4. Public services: We will make more public and government services digital so they are easier to access and become more efficient and convenient. Through effective use of technology, people will be able to better deliver these services, and maximise use of resources.
  5. Infrastructure: To deliver all the benefits of digital technology, we are working in partnership with BT on the 'Superfast Cymru' programme to develop a nationwide superfast broadband infrastructure. Superfast Cymru will boost commercial roll-out to deliver high speed fibre broadband to the majority of homes and businesses in Wales.

We are actively working to improve mobile and wireless coverage across Wales too.

You can read more about these in the framework document. There are also videos of case studies which illustrate the framework.

Our approach

We will bring together and work with a range of partners, from businesses to community groups. We will use expert advisors on the Digital Wales Advisory Network to ensure we focus on the key priorities.

Keeping updated

To keep fully up to date with the latest developments, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter @digitalwales.

Digital Wales LinkedIn group Our Digital Wales LinkedIn group (external link) provides information and updates on Digital Wales. It aims to bring together businesses, individuals and other organisations throughout Wales and internationally.


Contact us

If you’d like to let us have your ideas for building a Digital Wales or would like more information, email us at