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Public Sector Broadband Aggregation in Wales

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Improving public services is of fundamental importance to the future of Wales.

Investment in Public Sector Broadband Aggregation and intelecommunications infrastructure are key Welsh Government and widerpublic sector commitments.

What is Public Sector Broadband Aggregation (PSBA)?

PSBA is a managed network which connects nearly all areas of the public sector in Wales to a private network (essentially a secure internet for public sector use only). The PSBA ‘members’ are known as Recipient Organisations (ROs), and span local authorities, health service, schools, further and higher education and emergency services.

PSBA is one of the major success stories in the Welsh public sector. PSBA shows how collaboration across the public sector can deliver real financial and strategic benefits. It offers a tangible opportunity to reduce operating costs for all public services, and to radically improve the way that all aspects of government collaborate and deliver improved services.

Who are the partner organisations?

The majority of the public sector organisations in Wales are connected to the network and benefit from better, faster network connections and collaborative cost savings. These 85 Recipient Organisations (ROs) cover more than 3,000 sites.

Better by design

The design of the network means that sites, not organisations are connected to a common network enabling better information sharing. The design also makes it much easier for organisations to match the capacity of their local network connections to their access requirements. 

Health organisations are being given greater bandwidth to support clinical image transfer and general growth in data traffic. Universities, through the Joint Academic Network (Janet), are able to handle very large amounts of data for research and development needs.

Continuous improvement 

Ensuring the Public Sector in Wales has access to a high quality, value for money PSBA network is crucially important. 2014 is an exciting time for PSBA, as the network contract is being re-procured for up to 14 years. 

The new contract will be ‘evergreen’, with the supplier continuing to improve the network and maximise value for money.


For any queries or further information about the PSN or PSBA Programme, please telephone 02920 823190 or email - or visit (External link).