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Young people road casualties

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  • Release date: 20 August 2015
  • Period covered: 2014
  • Next update: 27 April 2017
An annual report about road traffic casualties amongst young people, that is people aged between 16 and 24 inclusive.

Key points

Progress towards 2020 target

  • The number of Killed and Seriously Injured (KSI) Young People, aged 16-24 years, was 272 in 2014, an increase of 8 per cent since 2013.
  • Whilst the number of Killed and Seriously Injured (KSI) casualties in this age group has increased in recent years there has still been a reduction of 31 per cent against the 2004 – 08 average.
  • The target is that by 2020, and compared with the 2004 to 2008 average, there will be a 40 per cent reduction in the number of young people (aged 16 to 24) KSI.

Higher risk of road traffic casualties for young people

  • Young people aged 16 to 24 were 12 per cent of the population and 22 per cent of all killed and seriously injured (KSI) in 2014. (Over the last five years, the average was 24.3 per cent of KSI casualties).

Passenger casualties

  • The relative risk of becoming a casualty for young people is much higher as a passenger than as a pedestrian or driver.  Young people aged 16 to 19 were 4.9 per cent of the population in 2014, but they accounted for 18 per cent of all passenger fatalities over the five year period 2010 to 2014 inclusive.
  • Just under half (46 per cent) of passenger casualties aged 16 to 19 were in vehicles driven by drivers aged between 17 and 19, and a further 20 per cent were vehicles driven by drivers aged 20-24.

Drivers’ involvement in accidents

  • Between 2010 and 2014, young people aged 17 to 19 were 4 per cent of the population (mid-2014 figures), but 7 per cent of all drivers (3,837) in accidents were in that age bracket.


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