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Evaluation of the Welsh-medium education strategy

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  • Release date: 26 November 2014
These reports encompass a range of evaluations that will contribute to an overarching evaluation of the Welsh-medium Education Strategy in 2015.

Interim report

Release date: 26 November 2014

This report presents an update on the progress of the research programme, along with an analysis of the evidence collected between January 2013 and February 2014 in relation to the aims and objectives of the Strategy. It is based on evidence collected from a range of sources: stakeholder interviews at national and regional level, visits to schools, and analysis of policy documents, including the Welsh in Education Strategic Plans. It also draws on the findings of the three studies that have already been undertaken and published as part of this evaluation.

The interim findings include the following:

  • awareness of the strategy’s vision and aims amongst representatives of the national organisations interviewed is high, although respondents in a minority of national organisations stated that the profile of the strategy is not as evident as that of other education policy and strategy documents
  • it would appear that the Welsh in Education Strategic Plans have created a robust planning and monitoring framework, providing a new mechanism of accountability for local authorities and Welsh Government. However, evidence suggests that progress against the Strategy’s outcomes and targets has been slower than expected.

A study of the work of the Bilingual Champions in further education

Release date: 25 September 2014

This report will present the findings of a study carried out as part of the wider evaluation of the Welsh-medium Education Strategy. The purpose of the study was to assess the influence of the Bilingual Champions and the extent to which their work in the further education sector contributes to the aim of creating and maintaining an infrastructure to promote Welsh-medium and bilingual provision.

Review of the use and quality of resources

Release date: 16 July 2014

This report presents the findings of a review carried out as part of a wider evaluation of the Welsh-medium Education Strategy, which is being undertaken by Arad Consulting.

The evidence collected indicates that the resources commissioning programme has increased and improved the range of Welsh-language and bilingual resources across key stages and in a number of subject areas. However, whilst welcoming what is available, practitioners express varying degrees of satisfaction with the range and availability of resources, and they identify a need for a greater number of interactive and multi-platform resources to support teaching methods. The study shows that the majority of those questioned receive information about resources through a number of different sources. However, many practitioners are unsure whether they receive all the relevant information. Practitioners’ responses suggest that there is scope to simplify the process of sharing information about resources. Some practitioners note that there is need for greater variety in terms of levels, tasks and activities in the resources produced, to address the needs of pupils across ability ranges.

Review of the Welsh-language Sabbatical Scheme for educational practitioners: participant experiences 2011-2012

Release date: 27 January 2014

This report presents the findings of a review carried out as part of a wider evaluation of the Welsh-medium Education Strategy, which is being undertaken by Arad Consulting.

The purpose of the review was to ‘examine the impact of the Sabbatical Scheme on the participants’ teaching after returning to their employment’. The study was also intended to make recommendations for methods of future analysis of impact and ‘examine the role of local authorities in ensuring that participants are supported after returning to their employment’.

The review has found a positive view of the Sabbatical Scheme among participants and stakeholders. The vast majority of participants report positively on the progress made in relation to their language skills, confidence, and their use of Welsh after returning to their school or college. The evidence provided by respondents indicates that post-course support to maintain and develops skills further needs to be strengthened. The review also found that further work is needed to improve the strategic development of the Scheme.  

Proposed Evaluation Framework for the Welsh-medium Education Strategy

Release date: 30 March 2012

The evaluation framework is intended as a tool to ensure that a consistent and comparable approach is taken to reviewing the efficacy of the Welsh-medium Education Strategy and the effects, effectiveness and efficiency of policies implemented in its name.

The framework sets outs a number of suggested approaches for the programme of research and evaluation.


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