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Student support for higher education

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  • Release date: 30 November 2016
  • Period covered: 2016/17 (provisional)
  • Next update: 29 November 2017
An annual report produced by the Student Loans Company (SLC), showing information by type of support.

Key results for academic year 2015/16 (final)

  • 62,500 student support scheme students in Wales were receiving support in 2015/16.
  • The final amount of student support awarded in 2015/16 was £797.5m, an increase of 7 per cent on 2014/15.
  • A total of £129.0m was awarded in Welsh Government Learning Grant (WGLG), a decrease of 1 per cent on 2014/15.
  • 56,300 students were paid Maintenance Loans, which amounted to £197.0m, compared to 54,600 students paid £183.6 in 2014/15.
  • Higher Education (HE) Institutions were paid Tuition Fee Loans amounting to £200.6m, on behalf of 54,800 students domiciled in Wales and EU domiciled students studying in Wales. 
  • £254.7m of Tuition Fee Grant was paid.

Key results for 2016/17, two months into the academic year (provisional)

  • Early figures show that, two months into the 2016/17 academic year (i.e. by mid November 2016), 61,300 students have been awarded £863.5m of student support. There is a 2 per cent increase in the number of students and an increase of 7 per cent in the amount awarded compared with final 2015/16 figures. 
  • The total amount of WGLG awarded so far is £128.5m, the majority of which (£128.1m) was awarded to students who entered HE from 2012/13 onwards.
  • For those applicants entering HE from 2012/13, 34 per cent have been awarded full WGLG support and 28 per cent have been awarded partial WGLG support so far.
  • 55,500 applicants were awarded Maintenance Loans, amounting to £234.8m so far.
  • 56,400 applicants were awarded Tuition Fee Loans, amounting to £216.3m so far.

Latest loan take-up rates, for academic year 2014/15

  • An estimated 95.3 per cent of eligible students took out a Maintenance Loan.
  • An estimated 95.0 per cent of eligible students took out a Tuition Fee Loan.


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