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Social landlords possessions and evictions

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  • Release date: 7 December 2011
  • Period covered: 2010-11
An report which includes information about possession orders, eviction warrants and anti-social behaviour.

Key points

  • Since 2005-06 the number of possession orders and eviction warrants for all social landlords, have continued to fall, falling to 3,416 and 2,170 respectively during 2010-11.
  • Over a third of eviction warrants each year result in tenants leaving their homes, the majority of which are single working-age adults.
  • Over the last year the number of possession orders obtained per tenant by RSLs fell slightly and was just below the local authorities’ level.
  • The number of eviction warrants per tenant has decreased for both RSLs and local authorities with the proportion for RSLs remaining lower.
  • The number of anti-social behaviour orders has decreased by more than three quarters over the last year from 33 to 8 while the level of injunctions has continued to increase rising from 121 to 134 and well above the 2005-06 peak of 125.
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