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Regional economic and labour market profiles

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  • Release date: 26 January 2017
  • Period covered: 1999 to December 2016
  • Next update: 27 July 2017
Quarterly reports which cover various topics such as employment, economic inactivity, claimant count and earnings.

New data

  • Claimant Count (December 2016)
  • Employment, unemployment and economic inactivity levels and rates (year to September 2016)
  • Benefit Claimants (May 2016)
  • GVA (2015)
  • VAT/PAYE enterprise births, deaths and stock (2015)
  • Average weekly earnings (2016)
  • Business Structure (2016)
The ‘next update’ dates given throughout the bulletins relate to when new data for the dataset are next being released. StatsWales will still be updated at that time and can be accessed via the links provided.


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