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Protection of vulnerable adults

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  • Release date: 2 March 2016
  • Period covered: 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015
  • Next update: 22 February 2017
An annual report which includes data on the Protection of Vulnerable Adults in Wales.

Key points

  • The reported number of completed referrals for adult protection decreased by 5 per cent between 2013-14 and 2014-15.
  • Neglect and physical abuse were the most common types of abuse reported in referrals, occurring in 35 per cent and 31 per cent respectively.
  • 63 per cent of completed referrals were for women and 66 per cent were for people aged 65 and over.
  • 40 per cent of victims who alleged abuse lived in their own home.
  • Staff were most likely to be alleged responsible for abuse in 2014-15 (57 per cent of referrals) followed by relatives (25 per cent).


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