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National curriculum teacher assessments of the non-core subjects

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  • Release date: 10 August 2016
  • Period covered: 2016
  • Next update: 9 August 2017
An annual report looking at pupil achievements in non-core subjects at Key Stage 2 and 3, including information by gender, subject and level of achievement.

Statistics on attainment in the non-core subjects includes final data for Wales for the 2016 teacher assessments.

Key points

Key Stage 3

  • Since 2015 there has been an increase in the percentage of pupils achieving the expected level in every subject. The greatest increase was in History (1.5 percentage points).
  • In 2016, the percentage of pupils achieving the expected level varied from 93.3 per cent in Information and Communication Technology to 81.9 per cent in Welsh Second Language.
  • In each subject, a higher percentage of girls than boys achieved the expected level. The gap between girls and boys was greatest in Welsh Second Language (12.8 percentage points).

Key Stage 2

  • In 2016, the percentage of pupils achieving the expected level (level 4 or above) in Welsh Second Language was 77.9 per cent, compared with 76.1 per cent in 2015.

Further data

A further breakdown of all the data shown in this release by local authority, attainment level and by gender is available on StatsWales. Benchmark information tables are also available for Key Stage 3 (both for core and non-core subjects) and are published alongside this release.


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