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Household projections

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  • Release date: 31 March 2016
  • Next update: 23 March 2017
Household projections provide estimates of the future numbers of households and of the numbers of people who live in them, and are based on population projections and a range of assumptions about household composition and characteristics.

Household projections for National Parks in Wales, 2013-based

Release date: 31 March 2016

The report analyses the results from the 2013-based household projections for the three National Parks in Wales: the Brecon Beacons, the Pembrokeshire Coast, and Snowdonia.

The number of households in the National Parks areas in Wales is projected to decrease slightly but steadily from 37,200 in 2013 to 36,400 in 2028.

Key points

  • The 2013-based National Parks household projections are lower than the previously published 2006-based household projections for both the numbers of households and the numbers of people living in them, with the differences slightly increasing the further forward the projections are taken.
  • Both the 2013-based and 2006-based National Parks household projections show decreases in average household size with the 2013-based projections estimating lower average household sizes.

Between 2013 and 2028:

  • The number people living in households in the National Parks areas in Wales is projected to decrease steadily from 80,200 to 75,100.
  • Average household size in the National Parks areas in Wales is projected to decrease steadily from 2.16 people to 2.06.

Household projections, 2011-based

Release date: 27 February 2014

Key points

  • The number of households for Wales is projected to increase by around 190,000 (or 15 per cent), to around 1.5 million by 2036.
  • For most local authorities in Wales household numbers are projected to increase by 2026. After 2026 for most local authorities households are projected to increase but growth will be slower.
  • At a Wales level the private household population is projected to increase by around 250,000 (or 8 per cent) to 3.26 million between 2011 and 2036.
  • For Wales as a whole, average household size is higher than previously projected (2.31 compared with 2.23 at 2011, based on the 2008-based household projections) and is not projected to decrease to the same extent.
  • Based on the higher, lower, and ten-year average migration variants household numbers in Wales are projected to grow to between 1.42 and 1.45 million by 2026 compared with 1.44 million based on the principal projection.


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