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General medical practitioners (GP)

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  • Release date: 29 March 2017
  • Period covered: 2006 to 2016
An annual report which Includes information on the number of registered patients and workforce age distribution.

Key points

  • The number of GP practitioners in Wales (excluding registrars, retainers and locums) was 2,009 at 30 September 2016, 12 more (0.6 per cent) than the previous year and an increase of 127 (7 per cent) since 2006. There were 6.5 GP practitioners per 10,000 population in 2016.
  • There are fewer practices in Wales than a decade ago. In 2016 the number of GP partnerships was 11.1 per cent lower than in 2006. The number of patients per practitioner has fallen by 3.2 per cent since 2006 but patients per practice have consequently risen. 
  • There were 684 GP Locums in Wales at 30 September 2016. The number of GP Locums per 100 GPs varied across health boards from 29.5 in Aneurin Bevan to 39.4 in Powys.
  • The trend towards a predominantly female General Practice in Wales continues, as elsewhere in the UK. In 2016 female GP practitioners accounted for over half (52.4 per cent) of the GP Practitioner workforce, an increase of 373 (54.9 per cent) since 2006. Females accounted for only 36.1 per cent of the total in 2006.
  • The number of GP practitioners aged 55 or over has remained steady in the last five years, with around 22.2 per cent of the GP practitioner workforce falling into this age band in 2016.


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