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Further education, work-based learning and community learning

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  • Release date: 30 March 2017
  • Period covered: 2015/16
A report which presents information on enrolled learners and their activities by age, gender, mode of study, type of programme and level of study.

This report ssummarises data on learners in post-16 education and training excluding those at Higher Education institutions and schools but including Further Education institutions (FEIs), other Work-based Learning providers and Community Learning provision collected via the Welsh Government’s Lifelong Learning Wales Record (LLWR).

Key points

  • There were 172,460 learners at FEIs, Community Learning (CL) or Work-based Learning (WBL) providers during 2015/16, a reduction of 12 per cent on 2014/15.
  • Within this fall in the total Further Education/WBL/CL population, full-time learner numbers in Further Education fell slightly but part-time numbers at FEIs declined by 23 per cent. Total local authority community learning fell by 25 per cent.
  • Total work-based learner numbers fell by 6 per cent but the number of higher apprentices rose by 36 per cent.

Please note

We are currently considering the format and timetable for publication of outputs from the Further education, Work-based learning and community learning statistics series. Our proposal is to bring forward the publication of the statistical release (currently April following the academic year) and StatsWales data (May) and to publish both in February. This would bring the timetable in line with that to be used for Learner Outcomes data next year.

As a result of the full final data being available earlier in the year, our intention would be to cease publication of the provisional data which currently takes place in November.

In addition to the above, we are also looking at the option of publishing a more frequent short summary of work-based learning trends, which would provide users with more regular and timely information.

Any feedback from users on the above proposals would be greatly appreciated.


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