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Exclusions from schools

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  • Release date: 5 March 2014
  • Period covered: 2003/04 to 2012/13
An annual report which presents data on schools and Pupil Referral Units, including information by age, ethnicity, special educational needs, reasons for exclusion and alternative provision made.

Key points

  • In 2012/13 there were 99 permanent exclusions and 15,323 fixed-term exclusions.
  • The rate of permanent exclusions (0.3 exclusions per 1,000 pupils) did not change between 2011/12 and 2012/13.
  • The rate of fixed-term exclusions fell from 44.3 exclusions per 1,000 pupils in 2011/12 to 39.0 in 2012/13.

Revision note

The data in tables 4 and 6 were revised on 5 March 2014 because of an error in the numbers of pupils in middle schools that were used to calculate the rates of fixed-term exclusions per 1,000 pupils.


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