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Educational attainment of young people by age 19

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  • Release date: 2 March 2016
  • Period covered: 2012/13
A report which includes information by age, gender, year of attainment and qualifcation type.

Key points

Persons aged 19 in 2012/13

  • By the age of 19, 82 per cent had attained the level 2 threshold, and 53 per cent had level 3.
  • Level 2 attainment increased by 22 percentage points between ages 15 and 19. Level 3 attainment increased by 11 percentage points between ages 17 and 19. Over time, level 2 and 3 attainment has been increasing at each age from 15 to 19.
  • Level 2 attainment in English/Welsh, and maths, increases between ages 15 and 19, and has increased over time.
  • The proportion of females achieving each level was higher than for males at all ages, although the size of this gap decreased as age increased.
  • Most of level 2 attainment by age 15 was through academic qualifications, while for post-16 it was vocational. Most of level 3 attainment by age 19 was through level 3 general qualifications.


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