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Census of population

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  • Release date: 25 February 2014
  • Period covered: 2011 (Census)
  • Next update: 27 October 2015
A census is an official periodic count of a population including general demographic information.

The first census in England and Wales was carried out in 1801, and then after every ten years. The 2011 Census was held on 27 March 2011.

It captured information about people usually resident in England and Wales and is a major source of information about the population and households.

The household questions asked in the 2011 Census were about the kind of accommodation and whether it is owned or rented; the number of rooms and bedrooms, and the kind of central heating; and the number of cars or vans.

The personal questions asked of each person in the household in the 2011 Census were basic demographic ones about age, sex, marriage, national identity, ethnicity, language, and religion. There were also questions about arrival in UK and length of stay for those not born here; general health and any caring responsibilities; and qualifications and employment.


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