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Ambulance services

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  • Release date: 30 September 2015
  • Period covered: August 2015
  • Next update: 28 October 2015
A monthly report which includes data on emergency calls and response times.

As announced in the statement ‘Clinical review of ambulance response time targets’ by the Deputy Minister for Health, a new clinical response model will be implemented in Wales from 1 October 2015.

An official statistics release will continue to be published monthly during the trial period. This will cover call volumes for Red, Amber and Green categories, and progress and response times against the Red target. In addition, supporting information on Amber calls will be made available. Data will be shown for Wales and at Local Health Board level. The notes section of the release provides more information.

Key points

  • There were 37,613 emergency calls, 1.9% up on July 2015 and 4.2% up on August 2014.
  • Of these, 13,667 were Category A (immediately life-threatening) calls, 1.5% up on July 2015 but 2.8% down on August 2014.
  • 58.8% of emergency responses to Category A (immediately life-threatening) calls arrived at the scene within 8 minutes – down from 61.7% in July 2015 but up from 56.9% in August 2014 – and below the target of 65%.
  • The median response time was 6 minutes and 45 seconds whilst the mean response time was 9 minutes and 0 seconds.
  • 71.1% of calls categorised as Red 1 received an emergency response within 8 minutes, down from 73.2% in July 2015.
  • 57.2% of calls categorised as Red 2 received an emergency response within 8 minutes, down from 60.2% in July 2015.
  • 64.3% of Category A calls received an emergency response within 9 minutes, 68.8% within 10 minutes, 84.2% within 15 minutes, 91.6% within 20 minutes and 97.1% within 30 minutes.


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