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Ambulance services

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  • Release date: 27 January 2016
  • Period covered: December 2015
  • Next update: 24 February 2016
A monthly report which includes data on emergency calls and response times.

On 29th July 2015, the Welsh Government announced the implementation of a new clinical response model for a 12 month pilot period from 1 October 2015. During this trial, only the most serious calls, categorised as Red (immediately life-threatening), will have a response time target. All other calls will receive an appropriate response, either face-to-face or telephone assessment, based on clinical need.

Following the first month of the trial, revised technical guidance was issued. This reflects the requirement to urgently dispatch the most appropriate response to patients with the greatest clinical need. As a result, this month’s performance data isn’t comparable to October or November - see the notes section of the release for further details.

Key points

  • There were 38,777 emergency calls, an average of 1,251 per day, 2.3% up on the daily average for November 2015;
  • Of the total, 1,927 (5.0%) were red, 23,507 (60.6%) were amber and 13,343 (34.4%) were green;
  • 72.4% of emergency responses to red calls arrived within 8 minutes, above the target of 65%;
  • Performance ranged from 60.3% in Powys to 75.9% in Abertawe Bro Morgannwg;
  • The 65% Wales target was reached in five of the seven LHBs;
  • The median response time to red calls was 5 minutes and 13 seconds, while the mean response time was 6 minutes and 17 seconds.


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