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About Statistics & Research

Statistical Quality Management Strategy

The strategy describes our strategic objectives for quality and how we implement them. It includes our policy on statistical special events.

The quality of our statistics will impact on the trust our users have in them and us. When making decisions, users need to be clear about the quality of the data they are using and we must strive to provide high quality statistics.

We will ensure our statistics are fit for purpose, use appropriate processes and we will be transparent about our methods. We will also ensure the factual and presentational quality of our statistics meet the requirements of our users.

Our four statistical quality objectives are:

  • to ensure staff know about the quality assurance methods in place for our statistical products and what is expected of them
  • to ensure staff are trained in effective quality assurance and quality management
  • to publish appropriate quality reports or indicators for our statistics
  • to conduct regular reviews of our processes and the outputs we produce, ensuring we work with data providers to understand the end-to-end processes.
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