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  • Labour market data for UK countries and regions and also for local areas.
    Release date: 28 September 2017
  • Monthly data which covers topics such as employment, indices, exports and earnings.
    Release date: 15 September 2017
  • Quarterly reports which cover various topics such as employment, economic inactivity, claimant count and earnings.
    Release date: 27 July 2017
  • Communities for Work is a voluntary programme to help those adults furthest away from the labour market into employment.
    Release date: 12 April 2017
  • PaCE aims to assist out of work parents into training or employment where childcare is their main barrier to doing so.
    Release date: 8 December 2016
  • The purpose of this release is to provide an easily accessible, broad, high level picture of the economic outcomes in Wales.
    Release date: 8 November 2016
  • The purpose of this bulletin is to make the data for the constituencies publically available to all interested parties and to support any research that may be conducted ahead of the May elections.
    Release date: 2 February 2016
  • Genesis Cymru Wales 2 (GW2) was a national programme which was aimed at increasing economic activity amongst those furthest from the labour market.
    Release date: 20 May 2015
  • We have commissioned two pieces of research to address the limited evidence about the persistence of poverty at the Wales level.
    Release date: 9 April 2014
  • Data on estimates of economic inactivity rates for men and women of working age in Wales and the UK.
    Release date: 21 November 2013
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