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Is your business affected?

The law requires enclosed public places, including workplaces, to be smoke-free.

How does the smokefree legislation affect my business premises?

You, your staff, customers and visitors are not allowed to smoke in the enclosed area of your premises.

What do I need to do to comply with the smoke-free law?

Employers, managers and those in control of no-smoking premises need to display no-smoking notices and to take reasonable steps to ensure that staff, customers, members and visitors are aware of the law and that they do not smoke in their premises. We recommend the following minimum action:

  • display of no-smoking notices (as specified in the regulations and guidance) so that they are clearly visible to all employees, customers and visitors while they are in the premises; 
  • developing and implementing a smoke-free policy (an example can be downloaded from the guidance page);
  • not supplying ashtrays in the premises; 
  • informing anyone smoking that he/she is committing an offence; 
  • requesting that they extinguish their smoking material immediately or leave; and
  • refusing service if a customer or member continues to smoke in public.

Is there support for businesses?

Detailed guidance for businesses is available on this website. This sets out the steps that employers, managers and those in control of premises should take to comply with the smoking law. In order to comply with the law, you will be required to display ‘No Smoking’ signage in smoke-free premises and vehicles.

These are also available to download from this website or on request from your local authority's department for environmental health or public protection.  In case of difficulties contacting your local authority, you can contact the Welsh Assembly Government on

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Responsibility for enforcement of the smoke-free legislation rests with local authorities.
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