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Preparing for lifelong learning

Personal and Social Education

Preparing for lifelong learning

A pair of learners developing their personal financial capabilityLearners can be helped to improve their learning and to develop their potential and capabilities in the world of lifelong learning.

The main contexts of this theme are equipping learners for educational and life choices. This includes developing personal management and basic practical skills needed for daily life. Learners need help to develop effective learning skills and insight into their own learning processes. They need support in developing skills of self-analysis, reflecting on progress, identifying strengths and weaknesses and setting targets for improvement. There is the need to motivate learners towards an enthusiasm for and commitment to lifelong learning.

Learners also need to develop an understanding of the role and importance of money. They need help to understand their role and responsibilities as consumers and to cultivate a financial capability which enables them to make effective economic judgements and decisions. Learners need to appreciate the difference between paid and unpaid work and to recognise the importance of acquiring the new skills essential in a competitive and rapidly changing world of work.

There are clear connections and a common philosophy with this theme and the framework for ‘Careers and the World of Work’ (WAG 2008).

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The PSE framework provides the foundation for a broad, balanced holistic approach to PSE.
The ability to manage one’s own finances, to explore attitudes to money and to develop personal financial decision making skills.