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Health and emotional wellbeing

Personal and Social Education

Health and emotional wellbeing

Learners running the fruit tuck shopLearners can be helped to maintain their emotional and physical health and well-being, sustain their growth and development, and know how to keep themselves safe. As children and young people develop sexually they need to understand bodily changes, manage sexual feelings and enjoy safe, responsible and happy relationships. Learners can also be enabled to explore their feelings, develop self-awareness and self-respect and develop their self-esteem.

The physical development of learners depends upon proper nutrition, sufficient exercise, appropriate hygiene, safety and positive healthy choices. Central to the process is equipping them with the knowledge and practical skills to make informed choices in all these areas. In addition to understanding positive health choices, learners should be aware of the potential risks of the use and misuse of legal and illegal substances.

The context for exploring the many aspects of sexuality is that of responsible, appropriate and healthy personal relationships. Sex and relationships education is required to be placed within a clear framework of values and an awareness of the law on sexual behaviour. Features such as family life in all its forms, including marriage, sexual behaviours. Parenthood and sensitive issues such as abortion need to be presented in a balanced way and ethical issues  However, it is equally important to equip learners to take responsibility for their behaviour in their personal relationships and how to recognise inappropriate behaviour. discussed objectively.Learners should know where and how to access personal information and support.

Emotional intelligence involves the successful management of feelings and emotions and has a great impact upon personal and social effectiveness. Self-esteem affects learners' confidence, ambition and ability to deal with life generally. Understanding and managing emotions improves mental health by increasing learners’ ability to cope with conflict, stress, loss and change.

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Emotional intelligence is being aware of and able to manage one’s emotions, and being sensitive to and able to respond to the emotions of others.