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Checklist: Recognising learner achievement in PSE

Personal and Social Education

Checklist: Recognising learner achievement in PSE

The checklist 'Recognising Learner Achievement in PSE' is part of a series of checklists which can be used as part of the annual monitoring and evaluation process. As such they are best completed in the summer term. The use of best-fit phrases and tick boxes helps to keep recording to a minimum.

This checklist is primarily for the use of the designated member of the senior leadership team with overall responsibility for managing holistic PSE provision and the member of staff with specific responsibility for coordinating the delivery of PSE.

It is designed to help senior leaders and PSE coordinators to:

  • decide on priorities for strengthening PSE provision
  • generate evidence for the PSE development plan
  • contribute to the whole-school/college development plan.

The views of learners should be sought and taken into account. Also staff involved in the delivery of PSE should contribute to the gathering of evidence. Many of the judgements can be made through discussion in staff/departmental meetings. Others will arise from looking at samples of learners’ work and from observing lessons as part of the school’s normal monitoring routines.

The gathering of evidence, especially lesson observations and scrutiny of learners’ work, needs to be planned carefully over a period of 2-3 weeks.

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