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Internet safety

Personal and Social Education

Internet safety

Increasingly, children and young people are subjected to potential abuse, including cyber bullying, when using emergent technologies such as mobile phones and the internet. In one school the issue of online safety was addressed as part of a personal safety topic in PSE. Through small group work and role-play, learners shared their own personal experiences and concerns. As part of the All Wales School Liaison Core Programme, police school liaison officers have received training from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre to deliver internet safety lessons to Key Stage 3 pupils. As part of the planned programme, the PSE coordinator arranged for the school liaison officer to visit school. Practical advice about staying safe online and how to report concerns was shared. Learners are now very aware of the potential risks of sharing personal information online and of the police's ability to trace the origins of bullying/racist emails and messages.

Following the series of lessons, learners fed back the key messages to other year groups through assemblies as part of Anti-bullying week, poster displays and the school website. The school liaison officer has also worked closely with the school to update the anti-bullying policy to address all aspects of cyber bullying.

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The activities encouraged learners to:

  • use ICT safely and responsibly, following safe practices
  • access an appropriate range of sources for help, support and advice
  • consider others' views to inform opinions and make informed decisions and choices effectively.


The activities gave learners opportunities to:

  • display a responsible attitude towards keeping the mind and body safe and healthy
  • develop positive attitudes towards themselves and others.

They were also given opportunities to understand the:

  • features of safe and potentially abusive relationships
  • benefits of accessing different sources of information, support and advice.

Further information

The Child Exploitation and Online protection (CEOP) website offers information for children and young people, parents and adults to help stay safe online.

View: thinkuknow (external link)

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