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Personal and Social Education


Evaluation is essentially about:

  • examining the processes by which PSE is provided
  • making judgements as to whether the learning outcomes in the PSE framework have been achieved.

Evaluation of PSE involves teachers, lecturers and governors.  An external perspective can also be helpful, for example the perceptions of LEA advisers and Healthy Schools officers. However, it is the educational experiences of the learners that are paramount. Learners must be consulted and their views taking into account when decisions are taken if their future experiences of PSE are to be further improved and enhanced. Assessment for Learning approaches provide evidence about the effectiveness of PSE provision that can be used to plan future learning at an individual level.

Evaluation should examine:

  • whether practice matches policy aims
  • the relevance and quality of the materials and resources for the taught PSE programme
  • the effectiveness of the teaching and learning approaches
  • the effectiveness of the management and organisation of PSE
  • the effectiveness of staff development and training
  • to what extent the learning environment enhances personal and social development.

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The PSE framework provides the foundation for a broad, balanced holistic approach to PSE.
PSE provision and delivery should be monitored and evaluated regularly as part of the school self-evaluation and development planning process.