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Opportunities in national curriculum subjects and RE

Personal and Social Education

Opportunities in national curriculum subjects and RE

All subjects have the potential to promote the personal and social development of learners. As such PSE is a common requirement that applies to all subjects and RE. The PSE icon is used to indicate explicit opportunities in each subject to develop and apply the skills, attitudes, values, knowledge and understanding identified in the PSE framework.

In some schools PSE learning outcomes are delivered in a coordinated cross-curricular manner. Where PSE related learning makes a significant contribution to a lesson or topic, relevant components of the PSE framework are included in subject schemes of work as appropriate.

The school curriculum for Wales (external link)

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The PSE icon identifies PSE-related learning in each national curriculum subject and religious education.
A summary grid that identifies statements or sections of a subject’s programme of study that are explicitly linked to PSE.
The PSE framework provides the foundation for a broad, balanced holistic approach to PSE.