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Personal and Social Education


Learners listening in class Welcome to the personal and social education guidance website.

What is personal and social education?

Personal and social education (PSE) is everything that a school or college does to support and promote the personal and social development of its young people. It comprises learning opportunities within and beyond the classroom.

This site offers information about PSE for everyone who delivers broad, balanced PSE in schools and colleges across Wales. It provides:

  • links to the non-statutory Personal and social education framework for 7 to 19-year-olds in Wales
  • explanations of the themed approach to PSE
  • advice about the management and coordination of a holistic approach to PSE
  • signposts to sources of support
  • case studies that show how key stage learning outcomes from the PSE framework can be delivered successfully.

If you would like more information about personal and social education, please e-mail Personal and social education enquiries:

Evaluation of the Personal and Social Education Guidance Website

This website provides information and advice for professionals who support the delivery of PSE in Wales.

We want to know if the website is meeting your needs. We would appreciate your views and will use them to improve the site in the future.

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