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Minister announces prioritised National Transport Plan

Transport Minister, Carl Sargeant, today announced that making the Welsh transport system work better to help tackle poverty and assist economic growth is the key focus of the prioritised National Transport Plan (NTP).
Wednesday 07 December 2011
Minister announces prioritised National Transport Plan
Minister announces prioritised National Transport Plan

This delivery schedule will concentrate on improving mobility and connectivity in order to ensure that people in Wales can access jobs, health care, education, child care, friends and family.

Following a tough financial settlement, the prioritised NTP outlines how the Welsh Government will ensure that existing transport funding is used effectively in order to deliver its vision of a modern and sustainable transport system for Wales up until 2015..  

Carl Sargeant said,

“The schemes prioritised in the National Transport Plan demonstrate our commitment to delivering solutions to the transport problems that people face every day in Wales.

“We have focused investment where we can contribute to economic growth and will ensure that, where possible, we use local contractors on transport projects that will deliver local work and training opportunities.

“To make the road network more efficient we will need to be more agile and take an innovative approach to find solutions that can be delivered more quickly.

“We have targeted investments that will make public transport more accessible and attractive to use.

“We want to create a modern and efficient rail system that will enable our communities to have the choice of accessing a high quality yet affordable rail system. This will mean planning for growth in rail use while finding ways to make it more effective.

“We will also get the most out of our existing road network through well planned maintenance and upgrades.

“This is not just a statement of principles. The prioritisation of the National Transport Plan sets out what programmes will be delivered when, enabling the public to hold us to account for delivering what we said we would."

The Minister was also keen to emphasise that today marked a significant day for transport in Wales both in the short and long term.

He said,

“The NTP outlines how we want to see transport work for the people of Wales over the next three years.

“But for the immediate future I have today committed just under £13million capital funding for smaller scale, yet locally important, transport projects across Wales that will enable instant maintenance work to be carried out on both our trunk and local roads, as well as other initiatives such as walking and cycling.

“These works will also provide a direct boost to the local economy by providing employment opportunities during construction.”

One project that will benefit from this fund will be the A470 Abercynon roundabout which will be developed so that north-bound peak-time congestion will be eased resulting in improved access to the town.

These improvements, which will be completed before the end of March 2012, are in addition to other general maintenance issues such as drainage and lighting.  

In addition, a further £10million of additional revenue funding has been committed for improvements to the local and trunk road network to address highway maintenance such as road surface quality improvement schemes.

These funds have been made available as a result of resources being re-allocated within Local Government and Communities for 2011-12.



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