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10 December 2012
A consultation has been published as part of the Welsh Government’s programme of measures to improve the planning application process in Wales.
07 November 2012
Environment Minister, John Griffiths has launched new planning policy aimed at ensuring the planning system supports the growth of the Welsh economy.
30 October 2012
A report making 28 recommendations to improve planning services in Wales’ National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) has been published.
03 October 2012
The Welsh Government has outlined plans that would make it easier and quicker for businesses, schools, colleges and hospital to make improvements to their premises.
27 September 2012
An easing of planning regulations will make it easier for businesses, the public sector and communities to generate energy.
25 September 2012
The Welsh Government will publish its White Paper and draft Planning Bill in 2013, Environment Minister. John Griffiths has confirmed.
17 September 2012
An independent report setting out how the planning system in Wales could be improved has been published by the Welsh Government.
16 July 2012
Environment Minister, John Griffiths has launched a new direction for local planning authorities (LPAs) that has been designed to speed up the planning process in Wales.
31 May 2012
New guidance aimed at helping to reduce the time it takes to deal with planning applications has been launched by Environment Minister, John Griffiths.
30 May 2012
Environment Minister, John Griffiths, has announced plans for all new and converted residential properties in Wales to be fitted with sprinkler systems.
18 January 2012
The Welsh Government is working to ensure that its planning policies provide optimum support to economic development in Wales.
09 January 2012
Work to improve the approval process for renewable energy schemes so that it better supports Wales’ transition to renewable forms of energy is progressing well
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