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New planning proposals to support the Welsh language

New planning guidance that will support the future of the Welsh language is being proposed by Minister for Environment and Planning, Jane Davidson.
Monday 21 March 2011

The Assembly Government is consulting on new proposals that specify how the Welsh language should be factored into the local planning process in an effort to support the needs and interests of the language.

The existing policy, which is set out in Technical Advice Notice (TAN) 20, already provides guidance on how local authorities should factor the needs and interests of the Welsh language into their planning decisions.

The new proposals build on that existing guidance and encourage local authorities to use Language Impact Assessments as part of the sustainability appraisal process that takes place when Local Development Plans (LDPs) are prepared.

The revised guidance supports the commitments outlined in A living language: A language for living, the Assembly Government’s recent consultation on a new Welsh language strategy.

Speaking about the proposals, Minister for Environment and Planning, Jane Davidson, said:

“The future well being of the Welsh language will depend on a wide range of factors, particularly education, demographic change, community activities and a sound economic base to maintain thriving and  sustainable communities.  

“These proposals are all about ensuring that the land use planning system takes account of the needs and interests of the Welsh language and in so doing contributes to its well being."

Minister for Heritage, Alun Ffred Jones, added:

“These new guidelines will support our other policies to meet this Government’s desire to see the Welsh language thrive.

“Alongside the Welsh Language Measure, A living language: A language for living ,and our Welsh Medium Education Strategy this will help us meet our aims to see an increase in the number of people who can speak and use the language."

The proposals build on other changes the Assembly Government has made to its planning guidance in order to increase the supply of affordable housing in Wales and help  ensure the future of  rural communities by providing local housing and job opportunities.

Key changes proposed include:

  • Clarifying the role of the Local Development Plan in supporting use of the Welsh Language.
  • The integration of Welsh Language Impact Assessments (WLIA) with existing Sustainability Appraisal and Site Assessment preparing LDPs.
  • The monitoring arrangements for LDPs to assess the impact of new development on the Welsh language.
  • Possible ways to mitigate impact of new development on the Welsh language.
  • The role of the Community Infrastructure Levy in supporting Welsh language infrastructure such as additional places in Welsh medium schools or language courses for adults.

You can access the full Draft Technical Advice Note 20 - Planning and the Welsh Language on the Welsh Assembly Government’s website.

The consultation will run from Monday 21 March until 13th June 2011


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Draft Technical Advice Note 20: Planning and the Welsh language


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