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Ban on display of tobacco will protect young people

Earlier this year, regulations were passed meaning large shops and supermarkets will have to remove cigarettes and other tobacco products from display from December this year. Smaller shops must comply by April 2015.
Wednesday 18 July 2012

These regulations form part of a set of measures, the last of which, the Display of Prices Regulations, have now been approved by the National Assembly for Wales. Health Minister Lesley Griffiths said the regulations would help protect children and young people from the harm caused by smoking.

Today’s Display of Prices regulations set out how shops can display prices of tobacco products without advertising the products themselves. Retailers will be able to display one price list at the point of sale and an illustrated price list will also be available to customers. The illustrated list will not be left out on display and will only be available on request for customers who ask for further details and information about the tobacco products available.

Lesley Griffiths said:

"Smoking is the greatest preventable cause of illness, disability and premature death in Wales and accounts for more than 5,600 deaths every year.

"Evidence shows the display of tobacco products in shops can promote smoking by young people and undermine the resolve of adult smokers who are trying to quit.

"The regulations passed today form a wider package of measures aimed at removing the display and promotion of tobacco products from shops.

"Our aim is to reduce adult smoking rates to 16% by 2020. The Tobacco Control Action Plan for Wales contains specific measures to prevent the uptake of smoking and encourage smokers to quit. These include a range of educational and support programmes such as the peer support programme for young people, Assist, and the smoking cessation service, Stop Smoking Wales."

Guidance on the removal of the display and promotion of tobacco at point of sale will be issued to Local Enforcement Officers and businesses prior to the regulations coming into force. The Welsh Government will also run a public information campaign in November to ensure the people are aware of how the new arrangements will work.

Specialist tobacconists are exempt from the display of tobacco regulations inside their shops, but must ensure that displays of tobacco products are not visible from outside through any windows



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